Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 05-9-2007 by
Rose Lee
April 11 1992 - May 8 2007

H and Squirt ( Pooh Bear )

 In loving memory of our Squirt who we love so much. 

 She called PETA when her food wasn't on time; she was the driving force behind S&H Enterprises and she loved going to the pork farm in the red wagon.  She and H would always stop at the Sonic drive-in for a meat and potatoes dinner with their stash of Sonic cards. Her partner in crime "Mr. H Abagnale" used to make Squirt nervous by inventing ponzi schemes to acquire more Sonic cards. Her favorite song when she would go to the pork races was "Livin in the Pork".  H didn't think that was the name of the song but Squirt would always say, "I still say it's Livin in the Pork." (Emminence Front by the Who)

 She dreams of hunting zebra on the Serenghetti and tearing the hindquarters with her white fang. 

  She always hated hot dog stands because anything with dogs in it made her very "nervous."   She dreamed of hitting it big with her lemonade stands on the Savannah.

  The pooh bear will be missed and now she's with Peach camped on the far side of the moon. My people will come. 


 I still say it's living in the pork...........................





Going to the pork farm
Yum..a meat a potatoes dinner!

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