Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 05-13-2007 by
Bob, Julie, Kristen & Brad
March 16 1994 - May 12 2007


In loving memory of our Casey who we love so much. He was an amazing Dog who was our constant companion for 13 years. He loved to go anywhere as long as we were together. Camping, Lake Anna,The beach, up to the Shenandoah River or just a stroll around the neighborhood. Brad and Kristen were 8 and 10 when Casey came into our lives. They grew up with him and he greatly influenced their lives. As children they would hurry home from school and find him there waiting for them every day. He was a constant source of unconditional love, security and protection. They would swim in the lake on our camping trips or Lake Anna trips and he'd jump in right after them trying to make a rescue and be sure they were ok (see page 2 for a rescure picture). He was so smart. He would turn on lights and even operate his own "treat machine" lever to get his treats. The kids grew up, went off to college, but Casey was always there waiting as always when they came home. When he was 11 he was diagnosed with Addison's disease. The disease took a toll on his body, but his spirit never waivered. We were fortunate that Casey spent his last day surrounded by extended family ( celebrating Kristen's graduation from college). That's the kind of thing Casey loved best. Casey will be in our hearts forever--we miss him so much.

Casey at the beach
Casey in the waves
Casey & Harley not sharing
Casey in the leaves on the Shenandoah
Valentine Casey 2/14/07-Age 13
Casey, Bob & Brad at the beach
Kristen, Brad & Casey at Great Falls

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