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Memorial created 05-15-2007 by
Julie Walker
October 9 1990 - May 16 2007

Tessa joins our family

In loving tribute to our Tessa dog. She was the best chicken-lickin', squirrel-chasing, trash-digging, fast-as-the-wind-running, lover-dog whippet that will ever be. Everyone who knew you loved you and won't forget you. You will always live on in our hearts TD. Saying goodbye to you is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Planning to say goodbye is the worst. All I could do this past week as I knew your time to leave us was fast approaching, was to look at you and remember constantly how loving and affectionate you were, and how you brought such great joy and laughter to our lives. I guess it's only right that it should hurt as much as it does, in ratio to how much we all loved you. From the moment Jim drove to that farm in Newbury Park to get you, and you creeped into the garage where all the kids and I and even some dear neighbors were all waiting for your arrival, you were our 4th child. Your puppy years were very naughty and lasted a long time: chewing up tupperware, planters and plants, toys and any trash we were too forgetful to dump right away. Especially chicken bones. They were like heroin to you. Right up until you were too old to jump onto a counter or extend your long reach we had to always move tasty treats out of your way. You feared car rides, going for walks, other dogs, and being seperated from us for any length of time past 5 minutes. Oh, the things you did and items you destroyed to try to reach us if we had left you behind. Those are some great memories. Even if our wallets hurt us at the time. You loved to play and run. Geoff, Em and Harry each took you down to school for show and tell when they were little. It was pure delight to see you run in the park in your big loops, and it really wowed their classmates. You loved fuzzy blankets, baking in the sun and sleeping on your master's bed, right in between his legs. Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday, and Jim would stuff you with as much turkey as you could hold. Most of all, you loved us, and for that gift we will all always be grateful. I know you are now waiting for us, along with loved ones who have gone on before, on the other side. The trash cans are full of chicken bones and the backyard full of squirrels. Be at peace sweet Tessa. It will be hard here without you, but one day we will all be together again.


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