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Judy Green
Blossom Green
October 11 1999 - May 8 2007

Where's my Daddy?

On May 8th 2007 We lost our little Angel Blossom . She was a member of our Family for almost eight glorious years..She just loved us both so much especially her Daddy. Blossom Girl will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. She suffered from a Cerebral Tumor that caused her not to be able to walk and shortened her life.She tried to hold on as long as She could..I tried the Day before she worsened to coax her to get up and walk over to me.She gave me the look like she was trying to tell me, " I can't Mommy its my time for me to go to God" We had to have her put down, to end her suffering..I realize that Blossom is in a better place but it just breaks my Heart to loose her..I wake up in the Mornings, wishing it was all a nightmare..Then I cry because she is not here anymore.I miss you so much Blossom..God Loved you so much, He couldn't watch you suffer and seen it fit to call you Home Blossom, so you could walk and run, A Puppy again..


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My Little Baby


Blossom at the age of 2 Weeks with my Son Jamie.. I was Blossom's Fur Mom's midwife and helped her bring Blossom into the World..I was with my precious Baby when she was Born and with her when she died.


Blossom at the age of 8 weeks, with her adopted Daddy, Buck.. I miss them so much..


In Happier Times.

Relaxing in the Living Room with Daddy and Mommy.



Joe misses you too

Joe keeping an eye on Blossom..He would go up to her and give her kisses on the Forehead..He knew she was Sick.


Good Bye Blossom Girl..We'll See you in Heaven.

Two Days after these pictures were taken, We knew it was time for you to go..You would be taking your last Car ride to the Asheville Animal Hospital..We would be coming home without you..



Looking for Daddy

 Blossom in her last days didn't want to be left alone for a minute..She would panic if we were out of sight.


 Blossom had to wear a special Harness so she could go outside..She had to be carried to the yard..The harness helpped her walk..We donated it to someone elses Dog who could use it, after Blossom passed away.


Blossom & Joe


  Joe stayed and watched Blossom alot..Sometimes He couldn't keep his eyes opened.




Blossom would look at Joe Sometimes, like she was wishing she could walk like him..I could see the Love in her eyes for Joe.


Blossom loved to drink Milk out of her glass.In the end we left her have whatever she wanted.

You were so Beautiful Blossom.
Blossom Smiles !

 We all loved your wrinkles..You always looked like you worried about everything..If you did worry it was you thinking about when you were gone to eat....You had the most beautiful Smile..I couldn't wait to move to North Carolina to get you out of the hot Florida SUN, So I could Retire, Stay Home with You and you could enjoy gone outside away from the Heat..On the way up to N.C. I started taking notice something was wrong.




Blossom's Donated Harness helped this Dog to walk again..He was found starving and weak.





Don't ever listen to anyone who says a Dog has no Soul..It says in the Bible, we all have the same Breath..The Breath means the Soul. Exclesiastes 3:19-20 Man has no advantage over the Animal..All go to the same place..All flesh shall see the Salvation of God.. Romans 8:19-21 The earnest expectation of the Creature awaits for the Manifestation of the Sons of God..Because the Creature itself shall be delivered from the Bondage of Corruption into the Glorious Liberty of the Children of God.


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