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Memorial created 05-18-2007 by
Carolyn Sottile
June 1 1993 - May 4 2007

“Fortunately, we still have Onyx to love and I pray that she stays healthy for many more years to come.” Those were the last words I typed as part of my memorial to my beloved cat Ruby who died in November 2006. I can’t believe this has happened, but I am broken hearted once again, at having lost my Onyx on Friday, May 4, to the same kidney cancer that took my Ruby.


Onyx and Ruby were sisters, who came to us in 1993. They were nearly newborn kittens left in a crate in the woods. A few neighborhood kids found them and took them to my brother and sister-in-law. They nursed them until they could be adopted by loving families. On August 1, 1993, my husband Dominick came home with a surprise for me … two beautiful little girls. We already had an older cat named Camille, but after a few days, we were all one big happy family!


After Ruby died, Onyx was so much more affectionate than she had ever been. She would sit with us on the couch, take naps on our laps or come to bed with us at night. She really seemed to enjoy being the “only child”, although I am sure she missed Ruby too. On Good Friday, I sensed something wasn’t quite right, because Onyx turned her nose up at some catnip we had just bought. This was very unlike her, because for years, she would sit in front of the cabinet where we kept the catnip and meow until we put some on the floor for her. Over the next few weeks, she still didn’t seem herself. We took her to the veterinary clinic in our area and after an ultrasound and a few other tests, they confirmed she indeed had the same kidney cancer Ruby suffered from just 5 months before. They sent her home with some medicines that would help keep her strong and maintain an appetite, for possibly 4-6 weeks. After only 2 weeks though, her health declined significantly. During those 2 weeks though, I would spend hours with her in my garden or having her sleep on my lap. She seemed to love having her shaved stomach on the cool patio stones or in the garden. Maybe it made her belly feel better. We did everything we could to keep her comfortable, until it was obvious that Onyx had enough of the medicines and was ready to meet her sister again at Rainbow Bridge.


We took her to the vet on a Friday afternoon, and I held her as they gave her the sedative. My husband and I told her over and over again how much we loved her and how lucky she was that she’d be with Ruby again that day! She’s buried in the same garden next to Ruby, with many beautiful flowers and a St. Francis statue watching over them. I can’t believe I’ve lost both of my little girls in just 6 months. My heart is broken. Someday I hope to open my home and heart up to more four-legged friends, but until then, I have a lot of great memories of Onyx and Ruby to get me through this sad time. Thank you for visiting Onyx’s site and/or signing her guestbook. I appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers, as we pet lovers travel this difficult journey together.


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