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Memorial created 05-19-2007 by
Stacey Stigers
December 24 1997 - May 12 2007

Buddy enjoying the Iowa sunshine

Buddy came to us as a surprise through a friend of ours. We weren't expecting another dog as we had a German Shephard at the time. We didn't know what to expect with him. He was a very big puppy with huge paws. We knew he was going to be big but we never knew how big! He was huge. He would walk through the house swinging his tail knocking things over. He'd steal anything that was within reach and run off with it. Needless to say, he was an energetic puppy. We got used to Buddy as he got older and he got much calmer. Everyone loved him. He would greet everyone by coming out of the doggy door on the garage. He would even wait for the delivery men as they would bring him treats. People in the neighborhood would be somewhat intimidated at first when meeting Buddy but then they would absolutely adore him. He had a way of leaning against you and almost knocking you down. Buddy loved playing in the garage with his big bones. He had his own little castle, complete with a doggy deck. He was what most people would call "spoiled rotten." He was the sweetest dog and loved to be around people. He couldn't get enough of side and belly rubs. He'd even turn over on the other side so that he wouldn't miss anything. Buddy also enjoyed playing with frogs and loved attacking the hose when someone was washing their car. Buddy's passing was a surprise to us but we know now that he was ill. He never showed it but we think that his way of being kind to us. He didn't have to endure years of pain or suffering like many animals so for that, we are grateful. We will always miss Buddy talking to us and leaning against us. They'll always be an emptiness as we pull in the driveway and he doesn't come running out to greet us. We wish that we had more time with him but we're very happy that we had the time we did. We will always love him and miss him dearly.

Buddy when he was "little"

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