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Logan\'s family thanks you for visiting Logan\'s memorial. We can only hope all dogs can be like hi

Memorial created 05-21-2007 by
Shelly Fletcher
November 17 1994 - May 23 2007


In loving memory of our dog Logan who we love so much. Logan will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. His smile and loving nature will be forever remembered. May you have fun with your family in heaven. And we hope your greeted by Gaea with her kisses she always gave you.


Looking At Daddy

Our sweet dog is the best. LOVE YOU SO MUCH... Our baby was having complications with Cushings Disease, and could not bare him to suffer. His last days will be happy, relaxing and with his family.


When he was a Puppy!

Its weird to look at this picture because I didnt relize how young he really was! Logan is Chow/beagle mix. My husband found him wondering the streets one day eating rocks. We took him in and gave him the best life we could and he gave me and the kids so much affection


Wearing my warm jacket with mom at the bayou

Running the bayou after the storm..


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