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April 2 1996 - May 15 2007

To Braveheart Our Special Angel - You have a special place in our hearts that forever will be yours.

One April day you came to us and little did we know,

you would be so special that we would never let you go.

We bottle-fed and bathed you, we even burped you too!

You were our special angel and we fell in love with you.

11 years have come and gone, now it’s time to say goodbye.

I can feel my heart breaking, my special angel, I just can’t help but cry.

We enter this life with nothing but love, and we leave it the same way.

For nothing here is forever but the love that comes your way.


And We Will Love You Forever - Mom & Dad














One Year Without You

May 15, 2008


Today marks one year without you near

One year without seeing your loving eyes

One year of crying endless tears

One year without you by my side. 

I knew you wouldn’t live forever

I knew some time it had to end.

Today is one year that I have spent

One long year without my best friend.


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