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Lisa Johnston

Memorial created 06-21-2007 by
Lisa Johnston
April 0 2002 - June 20 2007

April with her unicorn ear

April, even though you found us we were the luckiest ones to have found you. We miss you so much. This adorable pooch wandered into our garage in April of 2002. My husband came and got me and said there was this poor pitiful black dog in our garage with bloody feet and we had to let her stay the night. Well......she started out the first night sleeping out in the tack room next to the horses but by day 2 she was bathed, in the house and slept on our bed every night until the day she died. And what do you name a beautiful little, sweet waif of a pit bull? April of course and she loved her new life and her new name. Three years later my son found 2 tiny little kittens that someone had dumped in the park. Of course he brought them home and they thought April was their mommy. They tried to nurse on her and she carried them around ever so gently in mouth, just like they were her puppies. She had her best friend Emma the Bulldog with whom she shared very fun days playing and lounging.

April's last day with us
In healthier days

April was the most gentle and kindest dog ever and she will be greatly missed

April's kitties/puppies
Rusty & Dusty

April's kitties/puppies all grown up

Aprils best friend Emma

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