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Memorial created 07-1-2007 by
Mario JA Urbano
March 0 1996 - June 4 2007

In loving memory of my Sweet Dagul who I love so much. Dagul will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever. Dagul was a stray cat found by a local PAWS lady. He was so sick when I adopted him. I nurtured him until he became a healthy fur baby. That was March 1997 a month after little Gagay passed the bridge. Dagul was very affectionate. He loves to cuddle everytime he sleeps beside me. He follows me everywhere I go around the house. He loves talking to me, of course meowing. He was always at the door to meet me after a days work. Cheerfully jumping on me I am home. He was my alarm clock. He wakes me up every morning by touching my nose, my ears, my hair even my cheeks. He loves to lay down on my chest while I am on the couch. How I miss my sweet Dagul. Sweet Dagul will always be in my heart and I will miss him fur-ever. Dagul, until we meet again. I will miss you so dearly my best fur baby I ever had.

Better side of him. One of his last photos taken
One of his last photos. Looking tired. He loves the remote control as his pillow.
With his sister Kuling, little bro Ingo and ET behind.
One of his last photos sleeping with Harley-Davidson backdrop
Dagul and Kuling love each other. Kuling is missing his brother so much.
His last photo.
His favorite hiding place.
One of his last Photos.
When he was still healthy and happy.

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