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Memorial created 03-8-2006 by
Michael Faust
Lucy Faust
1980 - March 7 2006

PLEASE SIGN LUCY'S GUESTBOOK...LUCY'S SPIRIT WANTS TO HEAR FROM EVERYONE INCLUDING PEOPLE SHE DID NOT KNOW SINCE THAT IS HOW SHE LIVED LIFE! "Oh Lucy, you have some splainin to do..." This lovable, cudgeling, amazing, Amazon and honored member of my family has passed on to the heavens to fly in eternal freedom. I first met Lucy actually as "Lucipher" when a couple did not want the bird anymore because "he" at times attacked women at any chance, hence the name "Lucipher". They offered "him" to me for adoption. I being a bird lover could not say no. However, I did not think the bird was a "he" but a she and I didn't like the name "Lucipher" for obvious reasons, so I changed it to a name she would still understand "Lucy". Lucy took to me almost immediately and within a few days or so, she was tame and loveable and never attacked anyone again. I have always had birds, but Lucy and I had a bond that was unlike any other. She was my baby girl!!! (and yes, found out later officially "he" was in fact a she). Lucy was pretty extraordinary. She didn't want to play with many toys at all, but rather liked to go for car rides and explore places and things. She was a regular curious George. While exploring the uncharted territories of her home she would often be heard saying "hmmmmm" or "Huh?" before settling her tired belly, tail, and legs into a ball of green plummage inside one of MY one elses! If she couldn't find a shoe then it was my t-shirt or jeans if they were available. Anytime that I groomed it was time for her to also spruce herself up in front of the miror and she would indicate this to me by whistling the "cat call" whistle. I could never leave or enter the room without Lucy searching her vocabulary with "Grandma" (Never figured out this one...LOL), "HEL-L-L-L-O", "cracker", or "Crackael" before settling on Michael. Upon my return I would always say the above line from the "I Love Lucy" show and that would get her so excited. No phone conversation or guest conversation was complete and approved without Lucy including her chattered two cents worth. The best of all her traits was her incredible loving and comforting personality. Lucy always cuddled and cooed, while attempting to console me when I was sad or depressed. Her beautiful, bright eyes dilated with a sparkle as she tried to focus on me when I was upset. She somehow always knew!! I'd give anything to now hear her coo again in my deep sadness and even another small bite for a kiss (since she had no lips). It was finally time for me to return the favor last night as Lucy passed away in my loving and consoling arms after a battle with liver cancer. I am DEEPLY HEARTBROKEN, but will always remember her and she will forever be in my heart. "...Bless all the birds that have passed on and are flying free near the rainbow bridge, waiting for us to join them and cross over together." This is a song I used to sing to her, set to the "Oh my darlin...Clementine"...tune Lucy my darlin....Lucy my Darlin...Lucy myyy Darrrrrlin, Lucy Loo...Your daddy loves you...always forever...Lucy my darlin, Lucy Loo.


I also must not forget to mention Lucy is a movie star too!! She humbly starred in two videos that were taken of our home. One that was an in-house commercial for a silver screen filming camera done as a short story for SONY corporation and another was on HGTV's old show "Lofty Ideas" that also featured our home back in 2002. And the Oscar goes to.......


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