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Memorial created 03-9-2006 by
Linda Testamark
Baby Scorzelli
1991 - March 7 2006

Baby will be missed every day!! We will never forget him or how great he made us all feel with his unconditional love!! He was truly the best and could never be replaced!!


Being from an Italian Family, this puppy knew how to eat. Let me tell you what we mean........ When Baby was only a few months old he hurt his back paw. We rushed him to the vet, who wrapped it and told us that Baby would be fine in a week or two. Well, that poor dog lifted that back paw for weeks. We weren't sure what was wrong. At some times he would run and play as if nothing was wrong, then other times he would be limping along with his back paw way up behind him. Then suddenly it dawned on us. Every time Mom went to the refrigerator, the leg was lifted. That cute fuzz ball had tricked us out of extra treats for weeks with his 'sympathy limp.' Boy, was he smart. If he had been human, we would have skipped him ahead in school for having fooled an entire family of "intelligent" people.


Baby always loved to swim in the pool on a hot summer day. Plenty of times he would splash and play with the kids in the pool.


Occaionally, he would even let us use HIS rafts. We are sure that in his first life he was human, because he was more than happy to float around in the pool with us!!


WE LOVE YOU, BABY!!!! Hope you are running and playing happily again. We miss you!!


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