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Memorial created 07-27-2007 by
christina oliveira
January 0 1998 - March 16 2007

I love you so much

In loving memory of our rico who we love so much. Rico will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


U at Christmas

to my rico,i still remember the 6 months we went through when u got sick, it was back and forth to your specialist. i want to thank dr. lightfoot at fvs in tampa for all that she done for us.she was the best every time you got so down she would bring you right back up.Also the nurse Amy she also was so nice to you.Also i want to thank my boss for being so understanding on what i was going through and missing alot of work and letting me have rico right by my side at work to make sure he was ok. i had a bad feeling the last night i brought you back to the hospital and your dr. was not there i went outside of the hospital and just cried and prayed you would make it until your dr. came in.alot of dr.'s don't know alot about ferrets but she knew it all.i use to call her your angel!i miss taking you to work everyday with me while you sat in your stroller beside me everyday and you sleeping on top of me everynight. you was my bestfriend and my world and everybody that knew us knew it too!i know you wouldn't want me to be suffering like i am now but my life isn't the same and never will be again.i believe you can hear me everynight when i talk to you and i have your ashes wrapped up in your favorite blanket right beside me when i go to sleep.i'm glad i had my tattoo done before u left me for you to see of your name it came out beautiful.until i meet you at the rainbow bridge you will be in my heart for-ever..i love you rico and miss you so much your mom ~chrissy~


i love was so cute in this picture!

this picture was taken when we got back from your Dr.'s and found out you didn't have cancer


you wasn't feeling well after the biopsy

this picture was taken the night we came back from you getting your biopsy. i will never forget that night when i went to pick you up and they took me in a little waiting room and your dr. came in, i was pale about to pass out and crying thinking she was gonna tell me you didn't make it she went and got you for me and you seen me crying and just starting licking my lips giving me kisses to let me know you was was a strong little fighter and i honestly believe you fought so hard for me.





this picture was taken when you was laying on 1 of your favorite loved to get your picture taken!


you in your stroller we was getting ready to go trick or treatin on halloween.You came home from the hospital the day before halloween. I ended up carrying you the whole night and you just sat there and was looking at everyone dressed up in there costumes!poor Jessica got stuck pushing your stroller the whole night while i carried you!!


this was you when you was sleeping. you would sleep the cutiest ways!


This picture was before you got sick sitting on the back of my car just looking while i took your picture!!


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