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1993 - May 6 2007

Our darling Truffy

Beautiful girl - how very much we love and miss you. We know that you are looking over us and the 2 boys Moses and Oliver and making sure you know what is going on in the house. We knew we had to let you go as your poor little body was just fading away and it was too much for us to bare. I adopted Truff from a rescue centre in 1993 and although i had gone looking for a little orange boy tabby - the little scruffy tortoiseshell with the big attitude and personality won me( and my Mum more to the point) over. We enjoyed 13 and a half years together my girl and all but the last year were pretty happy and healthy for you my sweet. Craig called you the little cat of many colours - and you were, beautiful one. Attitude +++ was what you also had , but we loved your fiestiness and your sass- we would never have wanted you to change. You did not deserve to have the vet trips and ailments you endured without too much complaint in your last year. Ear infections, tooth problems, intestinal upsets- all related to FIV we found out in the end. If we had known what it was sooner we could have spared you some more of the discomfort Truffy girl, you know we did what we could to help you. Once we knew it was FIV we were prepared to lose you before your time was really due, but when you would no longer eat much and hid from us we knew life was not much fun for you. Hope you are running free and enjoying everything at the Rainbow Bridge our darling Truffy Buff We think of you every single day XXXXX


Though you were not a particularly cuddly cat, part of being an aloof torty I think, you did like to be protected and needed us more than the boys ever have. When Craig was home during the week, you would follow him around everywhere, maybe to be nosey but more likely because you really did love him. When the boys got a bit too rough or mischiveous you would run to us for help and to be lifted up out of harms way. You were a lap cat and would love to snooze on my lap or Craig's whilst we watched TV. The craft room was another retreat for you. We called it the Girls Only room , just a place for you and me to escape to. Whilst I would scrapbook, stamp, bead or sew, you would happily snooze in the chair next to me. I sooo miss seing you there now my sweetie.


sweet dreams baby girl

It is now 3 months since we lost you my baby girl and I promise we think of you each day. I also promise to add a little more about you every now and then on this wonderful site. So many people have said how beautiful you are in your guestbook- we sure thought so too little one.


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