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Memorial created 08-5-2007 by
Lisa Lavoie
Odie Lavoie
April 1 1990 - July 26 2007

In loving memory of our dog Odie who we love so much. Odie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Odie entered our lives, in 1991. Steve and I were newly weds, with a recent move to Florida. He was a great companion, and added much joy to our lives. Life was rough, with little money at the time, myself a student, as we were trying to begin our lives together. Odie became our 1st child, whom we doted over. He learned many tricks, play dead, roll over, shake etc., and would do anything for a biscuit. We were never quite able to completely satisfy that appetite. In 1996, we had our 1st daughter, Ali, who Odie cautiously accepted as part of our family. Within a month or so, he became quite protective of this new member of our family. In 2000, we had our 2nd daughter, Molly, who Odie grew to love as well. Stealing snacks, and bagels, Molly was Odie's great snack buddy. In recent years, Odie slowed down a bit. Still chasing after occasional squirrels or other stray pets, he still displayed some pep, up until about a year ago. Most recently, in July '07, he got quite debilitated, going into organ failure his last week of life. We are glad his suffering is over, and he can now run and play again in doggie heaven. We had many great years with Odie. He will be surely missed!


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