Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 08-6-2007
July 15 1996 - May 14 2007


This website was created to celebrate the life of our Pokey who we love so much.

Pokey is greatly missed and will live in our hearts forever.  We will always cherish her memory.

Pokey was a magical dog. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and loving. She enjoyed eating, sleeping, going on walks, snuggling in blankets, taking car rides, and most importantly, she enjoyed spending time with her family and friends.

Words alone cannot express the amount of joy and love she brought to our lives everyday.  It is her gift to us that we will hold onto forever.

We love you Pokey Girl! Thank you for all of the love that you gave us and all of the good times that we shared together. We will never forget!


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