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Memorial created 03-15-2006 by
BoBo's Dad -- -- I Miss You Buddy
July 8 1993 - March 13 2006

Noble: Having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character: "a noble spirit"; "noble deeds"


I will never forget the first day you came into my life watching you jog around the playground with small children thinking you were one of them. You remained a pup at heart for your duration on this earth and now I hope you are you are playing with angels. You were a hard wired retriever through and through and would never lose focus. I'll also never forget the time you were washed down the rapids after diving in after a rock only to return running up the bank many minutes later bruised and weathered but not any less determined. You lived adventurously and had a playful loving sprit that touched any who knew you and shall live on in all of our hearts forever. You were tolerant of all other creatures including your younger adopted brother Millhouse who was and is with you to the end. When it came to soccer you were an amazing goalie. Your vet said you were the Shaquile O’Neal of retrievers even in sickness. You were always tough and loving and at the same time the most sensitive, and intelligent spirit ever. 13 years is too short but we lived together fully. Multiple trips to the emergency room could not stop you but only the hands of time my friend. You were noble through the last battle. May you rest now and know that there is a hole in our household but it is also richer because of you. Thank you for grounding me, letting me laugh, taking me on adventures, and letting me be your human. Shine on my sun, my son. Love, Dad


DETERMINED: Wanting to do something very much and not letting anyone or any difficulties stop you: "He continued determinedly despite obstacles"


Affectionate: Showing feelings of liking or love: "An affectionate kiss"


LOYAL: Firm and not changing in your friendship with or support for a person or an organization, or in your belief in your principles: "His loyalty was never in question."


"'Twas a good day indeed. "


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