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Memorial created 08-17-2007 by
Anthony Gagliani
April 4 2006 - August 15 2007


In loving memory of our Cha-chi who we loved so much. Cha-chi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Cha-chi entered our lives in April 2006. She was part of a centerpiece for a 40th birthday function in which we had participated. At first, Cha-chi was a very small goldfish living in a bowl. Within a day or two, a simple hexagon-shaped tank was purchased for Cha-chi. One day, after arriving home from work, I noticed that Cha-chi had gotten stuck in the air tube. I thought she was dead. After reviving her with cold water, I decided that we had better get a larger tank. Cha-chi lived in this tank for some time and was a voracious eater. Frozen peas and shrimp were favorite treats. Cha-chi grew and grew and by January of this year, a 10-gallon tank had to be purchased for her. Cha-chi loved to swim around the tank. She was a very happy fish, and a joy to watch. She would do tricks for food such as swimming upside down when a favorite food item was presented to her. Over the past few months or so, Cha-chi experienced some health issues. Although regular water changes were performed, and great care was taken, Cha-chi developed a horrible bacterial disease to which goldfish are prone called Dropsy. She started loosing some scales, developed ulcers and cotton mouth fungus. In her final days, she was medicated with antibiotics. She would sit at the bottom of the tank almost motionless, but when I would arrive home, she would shift herself over to see me. I spent two entire nights with her before she died. Although every attempt was made to save her, Cha-chi died on Wednesday morning, August 15th. I was heartbroken. She was buried later that afternoon. On the night before Cha-chi died, I purchased two comet goldfish and named them Yin and Yang. I presented them to Cha-chi and although she was gravely ill and had remained largely still, she responded to these fish by wiggling. Yin and Yang now carry on Cha-chi's brief, but wonderful legacy as our beloved family pets.


Yin (Yang is shown in Slide Show)

A sad turn of events has taken place. Yin and Yang, the two goldfish who were brought home last Tuesday evening to replace Cha-chi have both passed on. Even though their life with us a pets was brief, we will miss the both of them. It has not yet been determined what caused them both to die suddenly, but it is believed that either a pre-existing condition, an undetermined problem with water quality, or a combination of both factors may have been the culprit.


On Monday, August 20, 2007, after the water had been tested and found to be safe, two more comet goldfish entered our lives. They were named Mai and Ling in honor of a dear friend (whom we learned had also recently died) who often used to say the phrase "Mai Ling" out of exasperation. The first few weeks are generally the most difficult for new fish as the tank cycles, so our fingers are crossed. We hold out every hope that Mai and Ling will live long and happy lives as our cherished pets.


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