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Memorial created 03-18-2006 by
Buckito Bandito
March 15 2004 - March 18 2006

Bucky was the most loving hamster I'd ever known. He recognized the voices of me, my family, and even my human best friend. He came when you called him, and was the quirkiest hamster you would meet. One time, he tried to pouch a carrot 2 and a half inches long and refused to let go of it. I laughed the time He danced against the side of his carrying crate on the way to the vet like he was trying to climb it. I always loved him for his unique personality and I will never stop loving him. ---In loving memory of Buckito Bandito Hamtaro Hamstrovo Squeakissimo Batty Mouse O'Leeni. May you live on in our hearts and heaven, my darling little rodent.


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