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Memorial created 09-24-2007 by
Stacy Flick Colbaugh
Pinky Flick
April 18 1990 - September 22 2007

In loving memory of our Pinky Flick who we love so much. Pinky Flick lost her battle to bladder cancer on Saturday, September 22, 2007. She was a loyal companion and a great little friend for 17 years. Pinky Flick will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


When she was 14, she couldn't jump as high as she used to when she was younger. She would get embarrassed when she couldn't make it to the top of the bed and fell off. So, I added steps beside the bed. I miss her lounging on those steps. It was her favorite perch, when she wasn't sunning herself.


She always showed concern when I was sad or sick... she would put her paw on my arm and look into my eyes... Now, she's playing with mice and basking in the sun...forever. Pinky, I love you so much. I will never forget your friendly face and cuddling with you every night.


Pinky had a great personality with so much energy. She was always happy and perform silly stunts to make us laugh. It hurts to look at the spots she used to lounge and play. I keep looking for her and I have to remind myself she's not there. I have gathered up all of her toys, photos, brushes, bottles of pills, everything that was hers... it's a "shrine" to Pinky.


I am having a hard time adjusting without her. She was so integral to my life, all my habits revolve around her... now, I feel lost. Late at night, I wake up to pet her and I am heartbroken at the reality that she's not there, at my feet anymore. I miss my little white shadow.


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