Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 11-3-2007 by
Diana Diaz
April 0 2007 - October 28 2007

Hey, I am handsome. I invite you to visit my Photo Album too.

In loving memory of our Demonito who we love so much. He was a very special friend and filled my life with joy. My husband is sick and he became his guardian meowing each time he felt my Husband needed attention (and was always right). He liked to ride in my wheelchair. He knew how to get attention, if bitten my feet didn't worked he licked my hands; and if I was working, he hanged from the keyboard shelve to touch my hands. When he was a baby, the best place to sleep was my neck. When grew up he moved to my chest. He had beautiful eyes and loved to be pampered. He liked to bask in the sun in his favorite corner in the balcony. Vivió poco tiempo, pero fue un mordisquero y roba pesetas gatito querido por todos.


Mr. Lawyer.

Dreaming of a trip to the Court with my Master.


I am juvenile delinquent.

He loved to stole coins, but he was a good kitten; after playing with them, he hid the stolen coins under my pillow.


This case is difficult.

And he was a very demanding partner. If didn't got enough attention he played with the pens.


I work hard.

He worked soooo much and a nap over papers was good!!!


Cozy bed.

Needed to have a nap... errrrr, a 5 minutes nap and then, started to play again.


I am lazy.

The master back was a good place to hide.


Master? What Master? He was the master since came home.



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