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Memorial created 12-1-2007 by
Terry Turner
April 6 2003 - November 26 2007

Our Big & Sweet

In loving memory of our Jewels, who we love so much. This big, beautiful girl came to us from the animal shelter. We were looking for our blind lab, Jake, who had gotten out of the fence. After about a month of daily visits, Jewels was there. She would bark (playful type bark) at Jim each time he would pass by her. Jim inquired about adoption. Of course, we had to wait a while to bring her home because she had heartworms and a severe ear infection when she was released over to the shelter. There were a lot of adjustments that had to be made when we brought her home but buddy, she was well worth the time and energy. We only had a year with her but that was the best year of our lives so far. She ate a pair of my pantyhose. As a result, there was too much intestinal damage for her to survive the surgery. Jewels taught us love and patience. She grew so much this past year. It was heartbreaking to lose her so soon. Jewels will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


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