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Memorial created 12-3-2007 by
Annie Lucas
Dodi Ari
April 17 1999 - November 23 2007

The Flame of Her Spirit Remains Forever

This is dedicated to Dodi Ari - and pets everywhere who are given a second chance because someone cared.

In the spring of 1999 Dodi Ari and her four siblings were abandoned by their mom - who stopped at a farm house long enough to give birth before moving on. They were fortunate that the farm belonged to a veterinary receptionist who took them in and bottle fed the litter until they were ready for adoption. That's when I met Dodi for the first a box at the receptionist's feet when I went in for cat food.

When I saw the kittens, I sat on the step behind the receptionist and stared at the five felines - all black and white. The smallest of the five was long-haired and very feeble. Half the size of the largest, she could not stand for long. She was constantly being knocked over by her rambunctious litter mates.

Feeling inexplicably connected to the kitten, I reached in the box and picked her up. As she lay on her back, in the crook of my arm, the receptionist informed she might not make it, and if I chose her, to please take another to keep her company.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of this little abandoned gift of God and what a slight slip of a kitty she was. As she lay staring at me, she opened her mouth and tried to touch my face with a paw. I knew in that instant that I needed her as much as she needed me. So, armed with bottles and formula, I went home and introduced Dodi Air and Panda Mau - the litter mate I also chose - to the other three cats at home.

Then came the week of Thanksgiving, 2007. Dodi took terribly ill. In a matter of four days I was forced to say good bye to my dear, sweet, beloved Dodi Ari. Suffering from heart disease and seizures, it became a "humane good bye." Difficult doesn't begin to describe it.

She was my lap cat, my clown, my sweet furbaby who made such a difference in my life. Her life will never be forgotten and her spirit remains forever. But for now I must think of her in the arms of an angel - waiting for me to once again hold her in my own arms. Dodi Ari - abandoned but never unloved nor forgotten.

A rescured pet is an act of love
The eyes are the heart of the soul.
Dodi Ari with Rufus who is 19.
Dodi Ari with Panda Mau, Rufus and Zoomer.
Eyes fixed and paws with a purpose...
Dodi in repose. She had statuesque agility.
Her they mesmerized!
Bath time....
Steps for Rufus became Dodi's special place.
Dodi's favorite floor position....I miss this!

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