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Memorial created 12-5-2007 by
Shelley Taylor
March 1 1999 - November 29 2007

In loving memory of our Star who we love so much. Star will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. I was able to save my Beautiful Princess, Baby Star, in March of 99. At only 3 weeks old, she was taken away from her mother and left to fend for herself. I took her in, got her back in good health, and cared for her as if she were my first born. We had a very special bond that most people just didn't understand. She didn't trust people, but she found it in her heart to trust me. She was my best friend. She protected me, loved me unconditionally, and kept me sane through some of the worst times in my life. I can't imagine the rest of my life without her, but I know that one day, I will have her in my arms again... Star was feisty, full of energy, spoiled, loved, loyal, curious, and playful. Her favorite toy was her catnip candybar. She loved boxing with Mickey, picking on Malorie, watching Kodo & Powder play, eating & rolling around in catnip, letting Mommy pet her, scaring her Daddy (she was the "Ninja" kitty), sitting at Mommy's desk, sleeping, and watching the outside through windows. She was taken from me way to early. .


To my Baby Star, Mommy loves you and misses you more than anything. I wish you were still with me. My heart is with you always sweetie... I Love You My Beautiful Girl!!


Daddy will miss his "Ninja Kitty". Night time will never be the same without you. He loves you very much.


Mickey, Malorie, Kodo, Powder, & Trinity also love & miss their big sister greatly. (Photo is Malorie, Mickey, & Star)


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