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Memorial created 04-10-2006 by
Bonnie Hall
Chabannel Hall
March 0 1995 - September 25 2004

My son got Chabannel when she was 5 weeks old. She was a little ball of black fur with blond legs. She grew into a beautiful, loyal, loving friend. She was a wonderful gift, loaned to us by our Lord for a short time. She filled that time with joy, love and companionship. When she wasn’t with her “daddy” playing ball or hanging out she was with her “grandma,” and the other family dogs. She played ball according to the seasons, soccer, football, baseball, tennis. She always seemed to know which ball to pick up for each season. Chabannel was born the same month/year as Ryce. They grew up together. Ryce called her a live stuffed animal. She used her for a pillow when they watched TV together. Grandma is in a wheelchair and when we took walks, Chab would help pull the chair. She was the most gentle companion you would ever want to meet. She played gently with the grandchildren, but Chab could play rough with the big guys. When Don went to play inline hockey, Chab would steal the ball or the puck and the game would change from hockey to keep away. She would bring the ball to you, growl while pretending to hand it to you, then take off when you reached for it. She had her own jerseys to go with her sport.


Chab would sit at the window when it was time for “daddy” to get home and meet him at the door with a ball in her mouth always up for a game of fetch. At night she would sleep in her dad’s room and patrol the house checking on everyone. If she needed to go outside she would nudge you with her nose, then touch you with her paw. During the day she would ring the bell that hung from the door knob. She would lay on her back in the hall and you had to give her a belly rub to pass her. She was so perfect in every way and gave us unconditional love. She showed no sign of her illness until her forepaw started to swell. By the time we found out she had bone cancer, it was too late. We were told she was too old to amputate. She suffered for days before we had her humanely put to sleep.


Chabannel will be gone 2 years September 2006 and it feels like yesterday that we held her until she went into a painless sleep. We had her cremated and keep her at home. She will never really die, because she will live forever in our hearts. When she passed on she took a piece of our hearts with her.


Chabannel with Wade. When he started to walk he would hang on to her fur and she would pull him all through the house. She was so gentle with him.


Chabannel smiled all the time. She was such a gentle, loving girl. We miss her so much. The smallest things remind us of her and the joy she gave. Her light will never fade.


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