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Memorial created 12-27-2007 by
Linda Fluent
March 5 1990 - December 11 2007

Saved from the Pound at 3 months

Ceese was a snob, she was not fond of many, but she adored me. She would not lay or sleep on anyone's lap EVER. But, she loved to sleep next to me with her head in my hand. She came into my life when she was three months old. I had lost two cats and was missing them terribly. I decided to take a trip to the Pound and visit the cats. Ceese just wanted to sleep, but she was adorable. While I browsed another little cat (same age) followed me everywhere making this beeping mew sound. He was determined. On that day both Ceese and Mo came home with me and have brought joy ever since. When I took them to the office, I was surprised to find that they were brother and sister. How perfect! Four months ago, Mo became ill; CRF. We put him on sub-cu fluid and until lately he has responded well. Much to my surprise, Ceese, who seemed fine suddenly had what appeared to be a urinary tract infection. I took her in, found that she had renal insufficency, a heart problem and a UTI. After over 4 months of antibiotics, it was not an infection. On Dec 11, 2007, she was in horrible pain, incontinent and looking at me as if she wanted me to do whatever I could to put her out of her misery. I did. Mo is still with us, but his time is limited,. Both of them are/were the coolest cats I have ever had.  Ceese, you brought your mom nearly 18 years of joy.  Thank you.

 In loving memory of our Ceese who we love so much. Ceese will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there: I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft starlight that shines at night. Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there: I do not sleep.

Your bro Mo at 3 months
Remember Jasper who we had to give to Aunt Betty because he didn't like you and Mo

Poor little Jasper. Some meanie abandoned him at the store. He came to mommy's car every day until I took him home. He was so tiny and very sick, but we nursed him back to health and kept him until we could find him a good home. Jasper went to live with Aunt Betty because he didn't like you and Mo. He has a great home now! ****** Ceese, Although I thought I was just bringing a regular kitty home, I remember how at 6 months, you didn't look like a regular kitty. The hair in your ears and between your paws was so cute. I later learned that you were half Norwegian Forest cat and wow at about 3 yrs old, you were the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Remember when Jasper beat Mo up and he had to go to the vet and then he beat you up, but all that fur protected you. Jasper was so sweet. He'd found a home and he didn't like you two because he wanted to stay. It makes me so happy that he found such a wonderful place to live. Aunt Betty spoils him rotten.


Lacey 1982-1992

Lacey, the only dog you ever liked. It is so sad that you didn't get much time with her. We lost her to cancer at age 10. She was the best dog ever! Your Grandpa John might dispute that, he had his special Chuffy Bear who he thought was the best dog ever. Chuffy Bear was pretty cool too. Perhaps, Lacey and Chuffy are tied for the best dogs ever.

And to my Lacey who does not have a memorial page.  Golden's are the best!  I never had a dog that I was as close to as you.  Nearly 16 yrs after you left me, I still think of you and brag to my friends about how great you were.  I have Max now, he is a half Golden.  He has some of your personality, but no dog can ever replace you!.  I sometimes still get teary when I think of you, but most of the pain has faded and I am left with so many wonderful memories.  I was so blessed to have you in my life.



Ceese, I was thinking about your life in bed last night. I have such great memories of you. When I brought you home, you were a little leery. Mo seemed to join right in. You met Lacey the first day and she scared you, but soon you were used to her. You were a sleeper and although you romped with Mo, you liked to rest. You liked the outdoors and used to climb the big oak tree and jump to the roof of the house. It was big leap. As you got older your remained afraid of most people, unlike Mo who loved everyone. You loved to toss your fake mice in the air and you loved to play with that feather thing I bought you. Even after 10 years, you would not sleep in my lap. You always wanted to sleep in the same room as Mo, but you didn't cuddle with him. You liked to be next to me and I loved it when you would fall asleep with your head in my hand. I loved it when you got on the top off the couch and gave me head butts and washed my air. The signs of aging started when you were about 13. You went outside less often and never went far. Mo was still prowling. You slept more, but you were still so cuddly with me. In the last year right up until you got sick, you got more relaxed around people. You didn't seem as afraid and you continued to be so loving to me. You and Mo no longer played and you found frisky young Misty annoying. You got sick so suddenly and I lost you so fast. I never imagined it would be that way. I got used to having you around and thought you would be with me forever. I already knew Mo was sick and was trying to prepare myself for that, but with you I was so unprepared. I will never forget your scared eyes on that last day. I will always wonder if I could have had another day, week or month with you, but watching you in so much pain, no longer able to use the liter box for all those months made me wonder if was being selfish. I did everything I could to make you comfortable, but on that last day, there didn't seem to be much I could do. You will always be in my heart. Here it is over a month later and I still miss you everyday. Mo is hanging in there. He's a tough guy and it helps that he is here, but things aren't the same.


Princess Ceese at about age 9

Hey girl,  Still miss you terribly.  I felt the need to update you on your bro.  He is hanging on and we have our ups and downs, but his quality of life is declining fairly quickly.  He is far better about fluids than you were, but he is getting skinny and weak and is now in love with baby food.  He still has some quality time most days and he doesn't seem ready to go yet, but I will be surprised if he has not joined you by May.  I know you will be happy to see each other again.  You are with me in my heart everyday.  A day does not go by that I don't think of you at least once.  Be proud of mom, she is doing better, but not looking forward to going through it again with Mo.  You two have been the best cats ever and I am so lucky that I had you in my life for so many years.  Still hoping to find more pictures of you.  Mom

April 10, 2008--Mom still thinks of you often.  You brought me so much joy.  Mo is struggling, but he is doing quite well considering.  He will let me know when he is ready.  I know you will be glad to see each other again.  Love Mom

April 21, 2008--Mo is no longer responding to fluids.  His time is limited and knowing I will lose him soon brings back so many wonderful memories of the two of you.  Mom is sad today.  My heart aches and I can't make it go away.  Having you two in my life is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Losing you two is the worst.  Pray for the dogs, they are getting old and Greta is beginning to act tired.  We always knew her 5K hips wouldn't hold up forever.  I miss you.  Mom 

May 2, 2008--Grandpa John lost his sweet Custer today.  If you see him crossing the bridge, tell him we love him and of course you know we love you too.  Mom planned to let Mo go on the 11th, but he is still doing well enough that it just isn't quite time  He will be with you soon.  Mom



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