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Memorial created 12-28-2007 by
Gina E
March 7 2005 - October 26 2007

The ache in my heart runs deep and strong, my love is gone and im left alone but not alone. Each day I try to push this ache away, cover it up with things I know are alive. But sitting alone feeling ignored, the pain goes through me and I sit with my head down hoping somehow my love will help me, but im losing hope in that sort of thing. And I fight back the tears making my head hurt, but to release them would be even more painful. My love will forever remain in this aching heart of mine, forever be missed, forever be mine. Passing days make nothing easier to bear. I am left alone in a harsh world where only I can make it better. And I don't think I have the strength the carry on alone. But my love is what my heart is made of and it will carry me on until we can meet again someday.


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