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Memorial created 01-8-2008 by
Mary Snavely
March 0 1990 - December 27 2007

My buddy Bub Dog


In loving memory of my best friend Bullet. He was my faithful companion for 17+ years and always by my side. "Bub Dog" as he was known by all, was a typical Toy Fox Terrier who loved to chase bunnies and squirrels, play ball, explore the yard, and go for walks. Bub was a little tough guy. He never backed down to any person, dog, cat, or vacuum cleaner. He honestly thought he was the biggest dog in the world and he carried his 7 pounds proudly. The favorite parts of his day were when "his lady" came home from anywhere, and cookie time before bed.



Bub in snowflake blanket

Bullet I miss you very much. My heart has a space that is empty now - one you filled for almost 18 years. No other dog can ever replace you. I cry a little bit every time I think about you or visit this site. I loved you very much my little friend. I hope you know how much you meant to me. Sorry the end was so hard on you. I know you wanted to LIVE - you fought so hard. God Bless you and keep you warm in his arms. Until we meet again, Love, "your lady" Mary


Bub in Sunlight

I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge right now little buddy, did Grandpa Jim find you yet? I sent him over to play ball with you until I get there. You guys have fun and you can chase the bunnies too--but don't hurt them!


Watch Dog

Bubby watching for squirrels (or anything else that came within a mile of the house!) He was the best little watch dog. His bark was small...but persistent.


Bub and Malia circa 1992

Your human "sister" Malia sends her love, she misses her furry little brother.


Bub's final resting place

A special thanks to the wonderful staff(s) at Dr. Sam Adam's office and Deceased Pet Care Inc. of Alanta. You were all so kind and made the process of losing my best friend a little easier.


They will miss you Bub

Maya the Beagle, your girlfriend Jordie the Corgi and cousins Kinder and Pete send their love too. I know they miss you. Maya has taken over squirrel watch for you and she keeps the neighborhood cats away too just like you used to.(We didn't call you "Bully" for nothing!")


Two weeks before that sad day...

I am so glad Malia took all these pictures of you right before we left for our trip. Thank you so much buddy for hanging on and not leaving me while I was away. I would have never forgiven myself!


"My Little Dog... a heartbeat at my feet."


You were my JOY.


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