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Memorial created 01-25-2008 by
Candy Gibbons
March 17 1993 - January 25 2008



... And ever it has been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation  ...  Kahlil Gibran

In loving memory of our beloved Kristy who we love so much! Kristy will be greatly missed and will always be in our hearts forever. You were truly my soul sister!

Our PROFOUND gratitude to Kristy's friends and neighbors, Debbie and Helen for making her last days on this plane as comfortable as possible.  Thank you Debbie and Helen for all the love and care you give in everything you do.

    Love Her Family, Candy, Bry & Pat

 The beginning...

We received Kristy as a birthday gift for my oldest son from his Aunt Carol.  He refused to look at any other dog at the kennel.  It was divine intervention that brought her to us as my sister had just lost her dog and was hoping it was at the kennel.   A small ball of lint; a dustbunny. Being half shepherd; which I attribute to her incredible intelligence; she was extremely easy to train and never forgot her commands. Being half collie or chow, she demonstrated nobility, stateliness.  It never cease to amaze me how ALL dogs seemed to sense something from her which caused them to become happy and playful. 


Snow Puppy!

Dearest Kristy ...

You loved to play in the snow. ..jumping to bite the snowballs we threw for you.  You always oversaw our snow shoveling;  making sure we cleared a path for you and mom.  You braved snow drifts so high we often did not see you.  Remember when mom would toss snow at you and call you snowwwww puppy?

Do you remember making mom take you for walks even in subzero temperatures? What a princess you are!

 Thank you for the joy you gave each of us!

You were lucky... when mom started yelling you immediately and rapidly departured from under the kitchen table to the basement .

I love you my devoted dance partner!  Not bad for a four legged dancer!



Angel of God...

You gave each of us protection and unconditional love!  We will alway remember the laughter you provided us with; silly growls with a shoe in your mouth to greet us .

As your master and a mother, I slept tight at night with you by my side... knowing that you would alert me if something was not right.  You were an excellent watchdog and I am deeply grateful to you! But did you have to bark at the paperboy @ 4 am everyyyyy dayyyy? (Yawn) haha.  Sometimes you little stinker it was your way of getting back into the house.  Barking to be let in was too beneath you, but hey... we tried to train you to speak  but  you would give me a look as if to say  "paleeze... do I look like an ordinary dog?" Smiling through my tears...

 Effective Communicator and Diplomat...

How about the night you put your cold nose into mom's face - woke her up; walked over to your water bowl, stuck your nose in it and then proceeded  to take her by the hand to the bathroom door to explain what it is you wanted!

For the fights with the water hose; biting the water and whining and growling at it.  Was that your way of hating baths?  How cute you were when you got your hair shaved for the summer!

The neighbor mooch...  Poor starving dogs in China!... you had to be sure you got their fair share too!  Never missed a good tidbit did you?

Thank you for the protection and unconditional love you gave us!


Checking for Bugs

Gentle Spirit  ...

You loved life and it loved you back...

There was something about you baby!   Every dog in the neighborhood would stop barking and begin wagging their tail  when you were nearby!  That never ceased to amaze us and made us so proud to be part of you!  They all seem to know you were an angel of God... so reverred and honored.  

What a gentle soul! 

Do you remember hearing something eating out of your food bowl and getting up to see what it was; only to find a mouse in the house eating your food; but being you ;  you only nudged that mouse with your nose to get lost!  We laughed and were completely in awe of you once again. But oh boy... don't let any other animal come in your yard... especially that skunk who nailed you in the face one summer night and mom had to wash you after midnight!

Fifteen absolutely wonderful years of watching and caring for each other, gazes, stares, grins and laughter...but never glares. 

Summer Breeze....Happiness was a roll in the grass scratching your back with a huge smile on your face.   I am glad you were such a happy dog.  I am glad you were mine!



The End....

I'm so sorry you were so sick at the end.. you never deserved a day of suffering girlfriend!

I will never forget our last days together.  I hope the body rubs helped to ease your pain; and knowing that you were not alone in the end.. you were always on my mind.  I miss you so. I cry when I remember you placing your head into my leg and the affection we showed for each other.

So Angel of God..Go watch the butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge, you have earned your rest!

Angel of God to Watch Over You

Thank you for the love you gave each one of us.

Thank you for the protection and watch over us.

Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you were.



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