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Memorial created 01-31-2008 by
Donna McGee
April 15 1994 - January 28 2008

My Princess Brittany

How I met Brittany

      I met Brittany one May morning very early. She had giving her 1st mother a fit for a few weeks and she, Connie brought her out to Waldo Flea market to sell her for the vet fees. Connie had paid a pretty penny for Brittany but Brittany did not care she was not about to adjust to Connies ways ,so off to find a new home that would better suit them both. Connie had her in a laundry basket and a few people had been trying to pet her but Brittany was not having any of it. Snapping and growling at them and only 8 weeks old. Such a strong will little girl . I was unaware of Brittany's dislike of people and the possible attack I might encounter not being there to wittness any of the other peoples attempts to hold her. I reach in scooped her up and kissed her on the top of her head. Connie told me what a rough morning she had had with her and I said I would walk around to see if anyone wanted her. I was a regular out there so I knew alot of Great older dealers and shoppers that would love a littel bundle like this. People can near and she growled  ,showed her teeth and then would snuggle into my arms even tighter. About 3 hours later Connie said Donna you must take her she has already decided she is  yours. Coonie said to give her 40.00 for her shots when I had it . Well Brittany had made up her mind but I didn't like little dogs. I had raised Dobermans and Dalmations . Little dogs were for older people or prissy people and I was neither at 32. I explained to Connie that I had a very large Dalmation who was only 6 months and I don't really want another dog but she just said to  find her a home and she pay me. I tried to give her back and Brittany would not go to her just dug into my arm and squeeled. Oh I forgot to mention Brittany was called Killer when I met her. Cute girl name uh!! I agreed and off we went to my home. I was going through a really bad time in my life astranged from my family , news of my grandparents both dying and no $ really coming in . Not to mention a very bad relationship. I refused to name her because I was going to find her a good home. RIGHT!  Blaze the Dalmation took to her right away and they were the best of buddies in a few hours. She was 5 lbs maybe and he was 55 lbs but such a gentle giant and as you might guess Brittany could hold her own remember killer was her 1st name . By night fall I was in love  ( ok I was admitting I was in love) . All night she slept next to me in my arms right at my chest , head on my pillow or shoulder . By morning it was evident that she was going to stay but I had not thought of a name . Strange thing about names !! I set her down on the grass to go PP and before I called her I heard a name in my head when I called her back what came out of my mouth surprised me. HERE BRITTANY!!  I usually name my dog strong names like Blaze, Shar, Athena ect not BRITTANY. This was by the way before Brittany Spears came on the scene. She came running over like she had been called that all her little short life. Brittany and I went through alot together in our 14 years together and she never failed me and I tried in my human way to never fail her. It is so very hard to live without my Baby Brittany so very very hard!!  The last 6 years Brittany has been on insulin and I can remember how it killed me for over a year and then some to give her that shot but she never complained . Oh she never did get to where she like anyone but me and of course my husband who she picked out but that is another story for another day.


Brittany is survived buy 2 daughters Jazzy who is 8 and Scarlet who is 6.


Mommy sends all her love Brittany my PP dancer


This must be mom's idea of cute

How I met my Man !

For many years my father had a Martial Arts business and I had a shop on Breach Blvd. Brittany had the run of the place of course but never came out to see the customers and if you reached for her, Killer came out instead of Brittany. Strong headed and she had shown me she was very responsible I just let her handle things for herself most of the time but warned everyone not to try to win her over. 10 lbs of terror. In came a Man to look at bo staffs and Kali sticks that I had displayed and here she came running out from under the table wagging her tail bumping into his boot. I was astounded and told him she never acts like this but people say these things so he really did not think I am sure anything of it. The next weeeknd he came back and she did the same thing this time he picked her up and I almost fell out and repeated the same thing as the week before. He was with a woman who I found out later was agood friend of his but Brittany did not like her. We moved into a bigger shop and my relationship ended I was in. Now the man here had not asked me out or even shown any attention except businss wise towards me, so I was even remotely aware that anything was happening here. One day Brittany comes running around the counter to the open door waging her tail. I looked but did not see anything so I went back in to the counter but Brittany just stood there waging in antisapation. A few minitues later in walked Danny the guy from before. Well long story short she alway let me know 5 mins before he got there so I had time to freshen up and she had decided that was her Daddy and I have now been living with him for 11 years and marrried for 10. Tell me she did not pick him out!!


Thank you Brittany for Daddy 

Do not hate me beacuse I am still beautiful at 80
Brittany's 2 daughters

"HOW AM I RIGHT NOW".*** I know that you miss me,at times you are sad.You think you should have done more as a mom or a Dad.**But ive something to tell you,so you wont feel so bad.It was the best life i could have ever had.***Now that im in Heaven I dont feel the pain.of all of the problems that make life a strain.***I just have to thank you,That the memories are glad.For you gave me the best life I could have ever had.***The times that were painful Are just lessons learned.Ive forgotten the sad times with the freedom ive earned.***Just know in your heart,with faith iron clad....That you gave me the best life I could have ever had.***

Today I felt you here at my side as I worked

Today was alittle easier than the last 2

Today I feel you closer than the days passed

Today I am sad but I feel your love and strength that you would want me to have

Today i miss you but I know we will be together again either in this life or on the other side.

My Brittany Brittany girl

Good night my Lover Girl


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