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Memorial created 01-31-2008 by
shandy despain
CowBoy DeSpain
April 19 1996 - January 27 2008

2006 my graduation

In loving memory of our CowBoy who we love so much. CowBoy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


to my King Noha Cowboy Jasmen DeSpain. cowboy i will neaver forget........ The Titanic you loved it. BBQ chips were your fav. All the icecream you helped me eat. You always took the whole bed at night. but in return for the bed you gave me a bath. I could not get cheese with out you at my feet. that bowl of spegettios, or the hotdog, taco, sandwitchs you ate off my plate when i went to the bath room. all those times you would watch liftime with me. if i would cry you would come to me and let me hold you. You ran to me when it raind or thunderd or if the wind was to bad. I would protect you. i would step in if people said you were fat or gay. most of all the love we had. you were my SON and you knew it. i was your MOM and i knew it. you will be with me for all time.




I lost my cowboy to a stroke. not even 30min afters I went to work.

     Just after i went to work my he was in the hall and was actting odd so my dad went to see if he was ok. He ran into my little sisters room and fell to the flour he was paralized and could not move his tell or his chest. My mom went to go get the stethascope to see if it was his haert. after 30seconds she gave up and went back to cowboy. just as she got there he gave my dad one last look and just like that he was gone.



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