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Memorial created 02-13-2008 by
Jim Hale
March 15 1994 - February 4 2008

Shelby you were warmth on a cold winter's night...Like fresh dew on a summer morning...

Your were faithful first and foremost....always there at one of our sides offering your unconditional self.  Always letting us know if something was out of line.

You were the guardian of Lexie when she came into the world.  You were the essence of loyalty, love and devotion. 

Sadly on February 4th, we had to take that journey and our last trip in the car together.... to "Go get the mail".


And today, the squirrels on the deck frolic undeterred....and no, the deer in the backyard don't seem to look over their shoulder anymore.  But you should know, they do miss your herding and the attention you always gave to them.

We will never forget you girl.....The "Daddy's Girl", the "Momma's Girl", "Perdy Girl", "Shelbers Welbers", "Shoop", "Puppy" were all of that to us. 

Shelby, you were always the excited girl every morning; standing at the front door with tail wagging, spinning in circles, ready to go for the walk with Momma, Chance, Zoe and Jenny.....and walk you did: leading the pack, playing Alpha Dog and keeping everyone in line.

You loved to go camping in the trailer.  We went 6,300 miles together this summer.  A dog should be so lucky to see all that you did.  Not many dogs get to growl at Buffalo and Elk or get to "Go hurry up" on top of the Continental Divide. 

We're so lucky that you made that trip and that you were healthy throughout.  We'll never forget the joy you brought us on that trip..."Going to get the Big Mail".

Mama will never forget being pregnant in the Autumn of 1997 when you stayed beside her all day and night on the couch while daddy was on the road.... reassuring her and doing all you could to soothe her all your heart and compassion.

You were Lexie's best friend and sister.  You protected her, entertained her and always, always...tolerated her little girl ways.  People would be so lucky to have your patience Shelby!


We have a hole in our hearts little Shelby. You lived a great life.  You gave so much...We are all better to have known you girl. 

Peace +



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