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Memorial created 03-7-2008 by
Katie Hamill
April 4 1999 - February 26 2008

This is for you my beautiful little boy,  Precious Hamill (aka: Potto, Precito.)

4/ 4/ 08 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS!!!!! I'm going to give Storm and our new addition, Rocky some treats tonight in your honor!!! You would love the new guy I adopted. We rescued him from the Animal Control Center, where he was sure to have been put to sleep soon. He's all gray like Storm and big like you, but a baby at heart. He actually runs and hides from tiny Storm!!! Ha - ha. He could use a "toughening up" lesson from you!! I hope you're making friends up there & ruling the roost! Have some Catnip for your Birthday!!! I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss & brush your hair today, but only the Angels can kiss you now!! Luck Angels!! I miss you sooo much my little kitten. I have my good days and my bad. Some days I just start crying when I think of you & others I laugh out loud thinking about all the great memories I have of you. Either way, you're always on my mind and forever in my heart.


I feel the need to express how much I miss you and how much you did and always will mean to me!!! You brought so much joy and fulness to my life. You made me laugh out loud at times with your great personality. You were strong & independent soul, like your Mommy!  You lived your life on your terms and certainly weren't the cliche kitty. 

You had many aspects to your personality & a different meow for each of them!

 I loved every part of who you were...

I loved the tough guy who scared the Vets so much that they had to wrap you in towles like a little burrito before they would even weigh you! haha.

I loved the lazy guy who could find a warm corner (sometimes on my favorite clothes)and fall asleep for hours on end as if the world didn't exist around you.

I loved the quirky guy who wouldn't eat ANY Human food except for olives despite the fact you were 23 pounds & would only drink water out of a running fawcet.

I loved the vain guy who LOVED to have his hair brushed & would head-butt my hands and chase me if I stopped too soon.

I loved the predictable guy who would follow me to bed EVERY night and lie on my chest with your cute face 2 inches from mine for exactly 5 minutes - then you would jump off and return later to sleep at my feet.

I loved the Kitten in you that would come out at 2:00am when you decided it was time for a full speed run around the apartment. When I would get up to yell at you, you would "hide" under the bed, still thinking you were the size of a kitten. Meanwhile your big butt and tail would be sticking out from under the dust ruffle.

I loved the compassionate guy who knew when I was upset and would come over and give me his gentle meow and plop down next to me and not leave my side for the whole night.

I loved the big brother you became to Storm, being patient and playful with her while she "tailed" you 24/7 and never gave you a moments piece. Even when we first got her and she tried to brest feed off of you!

Most of all Precious, I loved how dependable you were. No matter what crappy apartment we were living in or what dumb boyfriend I had just broken up with or whatever else was bothering me in the outside world -- I always knew I could come home, close the door and you would be there waiting for me with your unconditional and constant love. You brang a sense of family to my home. We were a team & recently we brang in another nut job, Storm and she fit right in with us.

I hope your sleeping under an olive branch in Heaven,


Your Mommy





2/26/10 - My little (BIG) boy... I can't believe it's actually been two years since I last held you. You know we're 100% Irish, so I'm trying to do the whole "celebrate life" and not morn death thing. It's hard!!!! I wish you were with me every day. The only thing that gives me comfort is to know that you had a great life. We had a ton of fun together and u were more of a best friend than a pet.

I hope you've found friends up there and are living the good life. Storm misses you....Rocky hears about you all of the time & ....I have a third kitty now...Pico. He's sooooo big like you....but a big baby, haha. You're the best kitty a Mom could have ever asked for. Theres not a day that goes by that I don't miss you.




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