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April 4 1998 - March 7 2008

Handsome boy!

Rusty came to live with the Rutherfords because their son, Greg wanted a dog.  They got Rusty because they had had a Viszla, Clover, years before and then a mixed breed puppy from one of her litters.  

Rusty was full of energy, as most Vizsla's are.  He ran around in circles, tore through the house and nearly pulled a person off their feet walking on a leash.  He begged at the counter for food with his big brown eyes and his preferred resting spot was on the feet of his "mom" Karen.  He wanted always to be in contact with her.  As soon as she sat down he'd be on her feet, leaning on her leg or pushing his nose under her hand.  He didn't eat when she wasn't home and often carried his food a mouthful at a time into the living room to eat with her nearby.  He sometimes drove us crazy, but then he'd do something so loveable and sweet that you'd forgive him and love him all the more.

More recently, he had begun keeping their daughter Stacy company when she was home alone, even sleeping in her bed, though he needed help to get up so high.  He would always choose to lay down where there was someone for him to keep company with.  Stacy bought him a wonderful new bed for Christmas this year and he loved it!  

The back yard of their home resembled Fort Knox because in younger days the dog would jump off the deck, over the railing (some 14 feet to the ground) run around to the front door and sit on the porch to wait for someone to let him in. Sometimes, he'd try to chew through or dig under the fence too, especially if Karen was on the other side of the fence.   When he did decide to run, he had no fear and it usually took a long time and some cheese to lure him back.



Best Friends

 Rusty was a special part of the lives of many people.  My daughter, Anna, and Rusty grew up together.  They were both born in April of 1998.  When she was little she would climb in his crate with him and even share his dog food!  When we got him a doggie door, she climbed through on her hands and knees to teach him how.  She shared her snacks with him and he shared his with her.  And then he'd very kindly wash her face for her.  She even did a school project on him since the Viszla is such a unique breed and rare in the US.

Anna would often tell people, we have a dog, he lives at Aunty Karen's house and she called him her best friend.  

This past week he seemed to become more listless and lost weight rapidly.  We learned he had cancer that was not treatable.  He was in pain and we didn't want that.  We had to let go of our faithful friend and companion. It was the right thing to do, but that didn't make it easier.  We will miss him always, but we have so many funny, wonderful memories of life with Rusty.  We know he runs free in the fields of heaven.



Our new Que!

 3-7-10 It's been 2 years now since we let our Rusty go.  We still talk about him all the time.  We recently began going through old pictures and have been making a special file with all the funny and endearing photos of our guy with his family.

Last April we had a new 4 legged addition to our family.  A corgi mix (with what we haven't figured out but he's sure cute!) who had been living on his own foraging around. Karen's daughter Stacy adopted him and the rest, as they say, is history! He is full of energy and LOVES people, especially kids.  His name is Que (Pronounced just Q).  Sometimes it seems that our Que is channeling Rusty's spirit when he brings sticks in from outside to chew on the rug, or when he steals socks just to get you to give him a treat to drop it!  He runs around in circles like Rusty did too!  

He brings the unconditional love back in to our lives.  He loves his "grandma" Karen and spends several days each week with her!  He went from being homeless to having many homes where he is loved.  

We will always miss Rusty and we will always remember his crazy days and all the nutty things he did... miles of chewed toilet paper... sticks all over the house, brought in through the dog door to be chewed in the comfort of the living room... his weight pressing against you as he longed to be "close" with his humans.  He was special and his memories are no less special!  

Thanks to everyone for the Angelversary messages!


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