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Vikki Goedmakers

Memorial created 03-11-2008 by
Vikki Goedmakers
Shadow Goedmakers
October 1 1997 - March 10 2008

In loving memory of our Shadow  who we love so much. Shadow will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Our Shadow....Where do I begin...I remember the day we picked you out-  The kids were so little...Amanda was only five , Austie three and Gabby one...You were your dad's birthday present.  We brought you home and you loved playing in the Christmas tree!  You were a lovey from day one-  The kids loved to call you their "panther".  The things you endured for the kids sake....They would dress you up in clothes...and wigs...and hats....And you let them!  You loved being loved.....They remember carrying you around in a pillow case....and baby blankets....You were their Simba when they played Lion King....You saved Austie's life the night you rang the doorstopper until we got up to find his blankets wrapped around his throat....You let us know the night Amanda broke her wrist as she fell off her bunkbed....You tried to attack the raccoon the night it tried to break into the girl's window.  You sat beside me  and wouldn't leave me when I couldn't get up from my Lupus.....You would hug us....What other cat hugs?!  And knead us and give little massages....and lay down on us to sleep.  You were jealous of  your dad and would get in between us at bedtime....You were a toucher as of late and always would place your paw on someone just to let us know you were there and you loved us....We will never forget you!  You will be loved always.

Love you Lots!





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