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Memorial created 03-12-2008 by
Binks, Bixy & Jackie
Little Guy
January 15 1995 - March 10 2008

In loving memory of our Little Guy who we love so much. Little Guy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.




This darling little Chichuahua came into my  life through my best friend, Bixy. Her Mother was Little Guy's original owner. Because of health problems, she could not keep him any longer, and we got custody of him. Shortly after we had him awhile, we soon discovered that his real name, Samson, did not match this dog's personality. He was small, very affectionate, thus Little Guy was created.

Our special Little Guy was such a gift, he gave us so much joy and happiness. He always thought he was a big dog, he had no boundaries, he was very protective of us, he had no fear, he always thought he was a big dog, he never knew he was a little chichuahua!

He ruled! He was a leader, but also a diplomat. He showed us many things, he showed us how he wanted things done and when he wanted them done, but he always showed us with great loved and dignity, he had a very intelligent and dignifed way about him, always curious and always, always studying people!

Little Guy was the happiest, most loving dog I have ever known, he was the heart of our home. It was such a joy to come home at night and know he would be waiting for us, we will always miss him, he left a void in our hearts that can never be filled again. O, yes, one more thing you should know about our little angel, he started to drift slowly away  from us right around the time is original owner, Binks ,health started to rapidly deteroriate. Little Guy died on March 10th, just two days after his beloved Binks died! His love for the three of us was unconditional.

Thank you so much Little Guy for all your love and all the wondeful moments the three of us shared together, you will always be us in our hearts and we will always love you, even though you're gone, I can feel you all around us. I know you and Binks are together again, I know you are both happy and that the two of you will be looking over Bixy and me.

We love you so much,

Jackie & Bixy 












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