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Memorial created 03-13-2008 by
Elena Pervin
1992 - March 13 2008

Today I've lost you my sweet baby girl. The pain of loss is unberable, my heart is broken. With you I've lost a part of myself. You were a part of our family. We are missing you terribly.  You gave us 15 years of wonderful life knowing you, loving you and receiving that love back. We will always remember and love you. You are in our hearts forever.

My father brought you home when you were just a baby only few months old.  First few days you hid under a stove where it was warm. You missed your mommy. From day one you used your litter box and  we were amazed how smart you were.  We did not need to train you. You just knew.  One day as we were eating honey, you came out of hiding and just responded to "Honey". We knew you'd be our sweet little honey!

You were always a best judge of character. You came to good people, others not worthy of your attention got scratched. And it would always turn out they deserved it as they were disrespectful and mean people.

You sensed when someone was upset. And licked the tears off our faces. Your calm purring would relax us, make us forget our worries.

Every morning you woke us up by loudly knocking on our doors. And when the door would open, you'd come into our beds and curl up purring your "good morning" songs to us. You'd smell our faces and tickle us with you longest wiskers.

You loved going outside and laying on a green grass. Eating grass and flowers was your favorite thing! I am sorry you did not get a chance to enjoy your favorite spring season this year. But I hope in heaven it's always a spring, just the way you like it.

Once when you were about 5 years old , we moved to a new house that was only few minutes drive from our previous residence. Within first week you ran away from home. We looked for you everywhere, walking from neighborhood to neighborhood asking everyone and posting missing kitty ads. We prayed for you to be safe and in good hands if somone found you.  Our search for you never stopped and one day almost 2 weeks later, you came back home.  You just appeared on our doorstep. Our prayers were answered. We knew it was a miracle. This was our  2nd chance. I remember how happy we were to have you back in our lives. After that day, you've never left our side.

Your all time favorite food was turkey breast. It was always so funny to watch. You ate it as fast as you could.  While eating, you made sounds that resembled "Nyam, nyam, mmmmmmm" and you could bite if anyone tried to take it away from you. It was so hillarious to watch! I will always miss those moments.

Honey ,  we love you so much.  You gave us quiet support and love all those years and we thank you for being in our lives.


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