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Memorial created 03-15-2008 by
Maryann Petrosino
June 15 1995 - March 14 2008

You were my old man, my old man.
There's something I must let you know.
My old man, I miss you so.
You were "home" when I felt homeless.
You were "love when I felt unloved.
You were "kindness" when life was cruel.
You loved me even when I misunderstood.
You anchored my mornings, and soothed my evenings.
I will carry you forever in my heart.
You are now one with the earth,
And forever we are connected.
I love you, Rudi, and I always will.

My favorite day of the week, Sunday, when all the chores are done, and we just hang together, watch movies, pay bills, study, well Mom pays bills, does chores, and studies, I just nap close to her so she knows I just want to be with her.  Later, we'll snuggle.


Mom knew I liked my water fresh, and nothing was too much trouble for her when it came to me. While she gets ready for work, she lets me drink out of my own special glass. Thank you, Aunt Buffy.                           


I loved it when you settled in my recliner and kept me company. I shall miss your sweet face, the sound of your purring and the comfort of your presence.


Here you are meeting Misha for the first time. You never got used to him, and I am so sorry, but I thank you for your patience. I could never survive your leaving without Misha and Margot. I took in Misha because he looked like you. I so loved you and wanted more like you. But there is only one Rudi.


I am so proud I could give you all premium food, and I am sorry for letting you get a little fat. But Rudi, you took such joy in your food, treats and catnip, that I couldn't resist indulging you. My heart warmed seeing you three together.


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