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James & Susan Berry

Memorial created 03-16-2008 by
James Berry
Priss Bun & Sis Bun
August 2 2004 - March 5 2008

In loving memory of our Priss Bun & Sis Bun who we love so much. Priss Bun & Sis Bun will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. They were beautiful and loving little buns. They got there names because we were told that They were female, didn't know that They were male until New Years Eve 2004 when him an Sis Bun started fighting to see who would be the dominate male as buns do. Priss bun was a sickly little bun but was full of love for us, and gave us a lot of  joy. He and Sis came into our home and stole our hearts. We will forever miss Priss Bun & Sis Bun. Priss always liked to jump and run and hide under the bed while Sis Bun watched. Him and Sis always liked to chew on the underside of the bed right where no one could see it. They both also liked to chew the molding on the wall. He always loved to eat Gram crackers with Sis right at the couch where I sit. They both love lettuce and always expected to get some when we ate.  Priss was always the instigator of mischief especially when it came to chewing the baseboards,doorframes, etc, Sis would always get caught and blamed. On Nov. 23rd 2015 we lost Sisbun, the one with the stripe, he was 12 years old. Now him & Priss will be with each other at the Rainbow Bridge. We all will miss him as much as we did Prissbun. His mate Cinnabun is still with us and missing him also, she was with him when he passed away in his favorite place to lay. Rest in peace my little ones, Binky Free.


This is one of the few pictures we have of both our babies. They loved each other so much,they groomed each other all the time on the rug almost on this very spot. They both loved to lay on the rug in front of the fire place and get warm by the fire in the winter. It's been two weeks since little Priss bun left us. We both are heart broken but must go on until we can all be together again. We lost Sis bun on 23 Nov 2015.


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