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Memorial created 03-17-2008 by
Jill Price
December 0 1999 - March 15 2008

The sweetest little girl in the world

In loving memory of our LJ who we love so much. LJ will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


LJ was the sweetest and most loving cat anyone could ever ask for.  I loved her more than words could ever express.  My heart is very sad at the loss of my sweet little girl.  She will always be a part of me and I will never ever forget her and her sweet little ways.  In my heart she will not be sick but will always be healthy and loving.  I will treasure the time we had together and keep it close in my heart and remember my sweet little girl forever.



LJ came to live with me in December of 1999.  She was about 2 years old. She was the first cat I had ever had.  I was always a dog person, but LJ was about to show me that she was special.  I found her outside of a Christmas party at the Woodmen of the World building.  I took her home that night because my roommate loved cats and  I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her there.  When we got home and I got to know her, she became my cat not my roommates.  She and I became very attached to one another over the years and I cherished her so much.  She was " my little girl"  She was very petite and always a picky eater.  There was never a time that I walked by her or walked into a room when she was there that I did not acknowledge her in some way with a kiss or a stroke on her little head or to just speak to her.  I came home from work today, the first time since she passed to find her not there waiting for me to open the door and the grief is overwhelming me.  I knew she would not live forever but when she got sick everything seemed to happen so fast and I couldn't keep up.  I keep going through the "what if's"  I always knew my love for her, I just never knew it would be this hard.  I keep thinking of how frail she was and how tiny she was and how I was helpless to protect her from what was happening.  I did everything the doctor told me to do and it wasn't enough to save her.  I had prayed to the Lord for Him to have His will and it was His will that she go.  But my heart is very broken and I feel very alone.  I feel this desperation to see as many pictures of her and remember as much I can because feel like if I don't then I may forget.  And yet I know I could never forget her.  As I sit here and type this out she would normally be sitting here next to me looking out the window but now I have her ashes with me instead. 

Some people may think it silly to grieve so much for a pet.  All I can say for those people is that they have never truly loved a pet the way I loved her.  I feel much better looking at this website.  I am sorry for everyones loss but I do not feel so alone and that is some comfort that there are others out there who understand and have been there.

LJ had a good life.  There is no possible way for anyone other than God to love her more than me.  My hear is truly broken. Over time I suppose it will heal but she will still be there.My faithful friend, my baby girl, my sweet little girl.  My LJ.  No one could have loved you more sweet sweet girl.


LJ in the sunshine

She loved to sit and sleep in the sunshine.


Curled up asleep in her favorite position

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