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Memorial created 03-17-2008 by
Mark Ambrose
Prince Joey
October 28 1994 - March 17 2008

In loving memory of our "Prince" Joey Ambrose who we love so much. "Prince" Joey Ambrose will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Joey, is survived by John & Gail Ambrose (Parents), John III, Bryan, Mark, Anthony, Justin, Michael, and Baby (His doggy sister).  Joey had a fullfilling life and loved every minute of it to his last.  He was at the age of 13 1/2 (95 in dog years) and he heard his calling to the Lord on March 17, 2008.  He will always be in our hearts and we will never forget his "yapp yapp" bark.

Love You Joey,






My dearest lil boy; you are so missed.  I have thought of little else these past days.  I feel I want to share with all the kind people, some of whom you knew and some whom neither of us know, the precious things about you that made you the Prince that you were.  The truth be known, you really were KING; we knew it and so did everyone around you!  You did not let size stop you; you had everyone from your family who loves you so much to our UPS drivers and anyone else who came into 'your' home eating out of your hand.  Even 'Baby' your doggie sister treated you with respect as well as all the dozens of cats we have had over the years.  You kept them on their toes.  Baby misses you terribly
First of all, I am so grateful to your human brothers who participated in your service; who all in their own way added their special feelings and touches to give tribute to you, our beloved family friend.  It is with deepest sorrow that we had to let you go but you did not deserve to be in pain any longer.  These past months we knew were difficult for you; yet you gave a good fight, for our sakes.  Dad always remarked it was 'Love' that kept you alive.  You were loved by many for sure but the love you gave us will stay in our hearts forever.
That is why this song by Josh Groban (Mom's favorite singer) is so befitting you. (Mark  chose it). I listen to it daily as I look at pictures of you to remember how you were, not likely that I shall forget.
The Beginning:  Dad & I and your five youngest brothers were camping in OK at our favorite park where we met a lovely man, your first daddy: Floyd & his wife who loved camping as well.  They raised toy chihuahuas and you were the last of a litter so they brought you along.  We began a friendship with them that lasted until they both went home to be with our Lord.  Please tell them hi from us if you see them. Well, your brothers insisted on playing with you.  I  was not so pleased; you were so tiny and I did not want them to hurt you.  Also, and please close your ears dear one here is a secret you never knew: I did not like chihuahuas.  Well, the boys played with you and we all went off to the playground where they took you along.  When they realized they could not hold you while playing they asked me to hold you.  What could I say?  It was a beautiful cool winter day so I put you in my pocket pouch of my sweatshirt to keep you warm.  Of course throughout the day the boys all asked if we could buy you.  No I said.  They persisted even offering to use their combined Christmas monies for you.  Well, lying in bed in our motor home that evening I found myself thinking and the next thing you know I asked your Dad if we could buy you.  I  honestly don't know what happened.  I think the time you spent in my pouch we must have bonded.  Thus, the name; JOEY (like a baby kangaroo).  The boys did use their money and we added to it.  There was no question then or now that you were loved by us all.  Who said you can't buy Love? The bond began then and only grew stronger.  While you still were so tiny, you went everywhere with me in a waist pouch.  You loved car rides.
As you grew from the 1 pound 6 oz. puppy of about 8 weeks, you began to display a certain 'prance' when you walked.  That is when we decided to add Prince to your name.  You worked your charm into our lives.  We returned so many times to our same favorite campsite where you loved it so. Just a month ago or so, you, Dad, Baby & I went.  It was a wonderful cold weekend and you loved it so.  I was concerned about the steep hill we had to go down and back up to take our walk, but you were a trooper.  I had all to do to keep up with you!  You did not want to stop; where did you get the energy?  That was a definite favorite of yours.  In fact we were scheduled to leave the day you left us to go camping again, the four of us.  This was not to be.  It will be hard when we return there without you.  Walks without you will not be the same, stopping for every leaf and blade of grass!
Everything is different....  watching TV without you cuddled beside me.  Eating without you begging for every other bite from us....going in and out of the house without first turning around to make sure you are not right behind us.....coming home down the driveway and seeing you waiting in Dad's arms for me waiting to wash me in kisses....leaving from the airport without you having come along with your brother to see me off or better yet pick me up....sleeping at night or nap time without you, without making sure you were covered and comfortable, even though many times it meant Dad or I was not.  It didn't matter as long as you were next to us, the closer the better.  Sometimes at night, we are still careful not to move our feet just so we don't accidentally kick you.  The first night after you were gone, we both felt you in our bed.  Please return to our bed at nights if only in our dreams so that we may sleep a good night's sleep loved one.
Remember all the fun we have had telling 'unsuspecting' people to ask you for a chip or cookie when you were sitting with one of us sharing our food!!!!  What a laugh we all had when you scared the doo doo out of them.  We often thought of taping this and submitting it to Funniest Videos.  You were definitely ready for David Letterman with some of your tricks.  Your brother, Anthony, taught you the only human taught trick you new....crawling soldier style on your belly across the floor.  With a point of the finger, you would crawl all the way across the room to us and then get a good scratching on the belly and back which you loved.  Who will scratch your back & belly now?  We shall always remember how you came alive when you saw your 'Markie' even though your sight was failing and even though you had lost your hearing months ago, you knew your family!  We can never forget how funny you were eating spaghetti...unlike anything we have ever seen.  I think Spaghetti was your favorite or was it Chicken??  There wasn't much you didn't like; I know we shouldn't have given you so much human food but we couldn't deny you.  To say dogs don't have taste buds is false for sure!  You loved everything
Ant then there was the time my dear niece, Debbie, was visiting us and came running into our room and jumped into our bed, not knowing you lurked under the covers!!!  That was many years ago but she still remembers it well as do we all, smiling and laughing aloud how funny it was.  You nearly ate her alive with not so much as one bite.  As I said they 'feared you'!  You were every bit my protector as any big dog. After that I hung a sign on our bedroom door warning to 'enter at your own risk'. What you lacked in size you made up in spirit.  Your size was a good thing sometimes as we were able to smuggle you into places many times where 'pets' are not so welcome.  You traveled with us all New York where you walked on the beach; to Colorado where you played in the snow with your brothers; to Iowa & Nebraska for the IKF Nationals with your your brother Johnny's whom you adored.....Disney World where you stayed in our motor home before they ever started allowing pets....many a trade show with Dad & I & your brothers where you sat in a chair right beside me as we sold product and visited with people, many of times you being the topic of conversation.  Anywhere we went it did not matter as long as you were able to go.  It broke our heart not to always be able to take you with us, but if we could not, you were cared for well here at home by your brothers.  You were never boarded.
I cannot remember you  without giving mention to dear Dr. Rhonda, your doctor.  She cared for you very well these past 12 of your 13 1/2 years.  We trusted her completely and she never failed.  These last days, she saw you many times...answered my many calls after hours...called me multiple times at night and on weekends to check on you.  And finally she cried with us when your time came, sharing our sorrow.  We remain grateful to her and we thank you for always being a good boy when you were having tests and blood drawn; we know it was not easy for you. You never complained and always went willingly.
For now our boy I shall say good night.  I still feel you in my arms as I held you for the hours preceding your final resting.  I pray you are playing about with many new friends
and sprinkling the blades of grass.  YOU ARE MINE FOREVER LOVE

Joey's Headstone

His headstone was created by his family and is placed at his burial site in the "Field of Dreams" located at the Ambrose Ranch in Royse City, TX.


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