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Memorial created 03-17-2008 by
Harold Cheek
December 1 1993 - March 11 2008

Our sleeping angel

Our darling Oscar, was brought to us when he was in a kitten inside a tulip box.  He stayed in the box for hours before we even know that a cat was inside it.  He was brought home where he met his friend Tiger.  From the moment he came home he claim the house has his own house.  That would never change the house was always  his.

                      Oscar was more then just a pet, he was our child.  He always know when we were upset or not feeling good.    When I would get home from work you always climbed up on his lap.  He always loved that.   I would take out the brush and groom him.  They say animals can't smile but, we don't believe that.  He always had a smile for us.  It hurt us deeply to have to let you go.  But, you came to us in a form of a white dove.  to let us know that your free of pain and with Greta, Simon and the  good Lord himself who watches over all.  We will be together again one day.  And that will be a Joyous Day for us all.  We love and miss you our Darling Oscar.  Until the, all our love.    Your momma and Daddy. 


From Livvy,

             Our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to you in the passing of your beloved Oscar.  You have to many wonderful, beautiful memories of the happiest kitty ever.   Thank you for always sharing Oscar smiles with me, as he will always remain smiling in my heart two.   god bless you.


Oscar, you were a wonderful gift from god when I met your daddy. I always told everyone that your daddy's dowery to me when we married was you. It was a beautiful and loving dowery. You had the most expressive eyes i have ever seen on any animal. It's like you could look into someone's soul and know what they were feeling. Yes my darling oscar, you were more than just a cat,or an animal  you were my precious baby. I know sometimes I would come home in a foul mood but you always made me feel ok. you just looked at me with those big beautiful eyes of yours and told me cheer up your home with me. You would meow at me and tell me it was time for our afternoon nap. that was something you and i would always do together. Just the sound of your purring would relax me. Then sometimes when you wanted attention from either one of us, you would gently take your claw to say pet me.If we didn't do as you wanted then and there you would get harder until we did as you wanted. Since you've been gone  I thought I was seeing things and hearing things. I thought I saw you in our room like you always did and then just last night I thought I heard you purring. Even daddy had a dream, he saw you walking from the bathroom to the side of my bed where you always slept. No my darling oscar you'll never be far from our heart thoughts and our minds. We love you and miss you so much our sweet angel. Until were together again in heaven baby we love and miss you.


Nov 16 2008.

                    Still can't get over the feelings about putting you down.  I know it was time, I could tell by your eyes, but I wanted to keep you around as long as I could.  That is something I hope I never have to do again.    Laura still feels you jumping in bed with us.  I wish you would let us know if its time to move on and get another baby.  Sometimes I feel its time, sometimes I feel its not time yet.  Well I hope your enjoying the sun.  I hope there is thornless roses up there for you to play with.  Still can't bring ourselves to put your ashes in the ground.

We miss you, Harold Cheek           



                    Hello Oscar, just drop to say hello, and how much I miss you.  I'm sure you know we got two new cats, mystic, and velvet.  we can see you in both of them.  We know you picked these two cats out for us.  They act so much like you did when you felt good and was young.  Laura wanted me to tell you she loves you and misses you like crazy.  She still feels you in bed some nights with her.  I will see you later when it is my time.

Harold Cheek



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