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June 30 1996 - March 19 2008

That's Mister Man to you!

In loving memory of our Dusty Man.

Thank you for the best 10 years of our lives Dusty. You will be deeply missed and we will hold you forever in our hearts.

Dusty came to live with us when he was 2. The day he moved in we knew our lives would never be the same, but in a good way. Now that he is gone we again know that our lives will never be the same.

We grew close to each other very fast, especially Dad! Dusty loved riding in the car with Dad, and he usually got to ride shotgun (sorry girls). He knew when Dad took him for a ride it usually included a trip to McDonalds drive thru. MMM Cheeseburgers!!


I'm ready for my close up Mom!
Relaxing in my new pool!

Spoiled Rotten is what he was often called, but thats ok, he was a good spoiled! He was loved by everyone that met him and had many friends.Belle, Nicky, Molly, Fluffy, Truman, Harley, Lexi and although they never got to meet I know he would have loved playing with Diesel too!


CHRISTMAS!!! Is all of this for me?

Christmas was one of his favorite times of year. The presents just seemed to keep coming! And the goodies inside the stocking, Yumm!! Tradition has always been to get a new ornament every year and Dusty has one to hang on the tree for every year!

Resting in the muddy lake, Mom didn't like me much after I did this.
Do I have to wear this?

Dusty Boy,

You were the best dog/brother anyone could ask for. I'll never forget all the mornings you would lay in bed with me before school, or the way you would get mad at me when i played my music too loud and it hurt your ears, or when you would come in my room and steal my socks and run, or when you would jump on me to steal my cheeseburger. There are so many memories that I wish we could relive but I'm happy knowing that you won't ever have to be sick or suffer again. I love you fatty!!

Love, Buckey

I love Florida.
punk rock Golden!
Early morning routine
Copy cat..

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