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Memorial created 03-25-2008 by
Janice Grounds
Deanna Troi
February 28 1993 - March 18 2008

Painting of Deanna from photo

Today it's been two years since you left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge - I love you every day and miss you like crazy - I have a new pup that could sure use your help and guidance...

How you came to be mine - my friend asking me "do you know anyone who would want a puppy"  Said with trepidation because I am such a spay/neuter person.  I hadn't had a dog of my own since being a teenager.  Turns out Shasta (smartest dog I knew) had a secret boyfriend who was a black lab living next door.  While human parents eating and watching the Super Bowl - he dug under the fence....Who Knew????

Ten puppies - oh my - how to choose when it was like a Kodak moment that Easter weekend 15 years ago.  I had picked out your brother and my friend came out to the yard with you in her arms....."What about this one?".... Oh man - that little face with the white nose and freckes on the paws...How could I refuse.  I took you in my arms and that was that.  I now had two puppies....but all along, it was you who stole my heart so completely. 

What a puppy you were - little instigator of trouble but with the face of an angel and a 'who me?' expression.  The miracle of the greatest invention of all time - that glorious tennis ball.  You would do anything for that. 

I couldn't whistle so you came to a loud an obnoxious 'whoop whoop' from me that embarrased my friends but brought you to me at a full out run.

You brought a smile to anyone and everyone.  People always told me they had never met a dog like you.  You could rest your head on the lap of someone who seemed down, you could act like a goof and talk to people with your 'woo woo' voice.  You were so much fun and got all of your dog friends in trouble and then would stand back and tell me "I TOLD THEM NOT TO DO IT" from chewing up a video camera, to digging in a friends newly sodded lawn.

You are in my thoughts so often.  We sure had fun together.  All of the vacations and road trips we took together.     I tried to not leave you much because you loved to travel with me and were always so well behaved and enjoyed yourself wherever WE were so long as I was there with you.

I never suspected that you had cancer....I hope you didn't suffer because I wanted to live in my denial and pretend belief that you were only 5 years old like I begged....I know that everyone tells me that I did 'the right thing by you' and showed my love for you by letting you go so quickly after the diagnosis.  I know this in my head but it still is not in my heart or gut because I can still see you eating your favorite treat of frozen yogurt and wagging your tail and looking at me that day.  

I miss you so much -- every day ... YOU were such a joy and the best companion I have known.

"Death is nothing at all.

I have only slipped away into the next room.

I am I and you are you.

Whatever we were to each other, that we are still ......

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you for an interval.

Somewhere very near, just around the corner.

All is well."
~ Henry Scott Holland (shortened from What is Death?)



Deedee and Sammy take over the couch

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