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For another sweet Sadie. A angel sponsored my Sadie\'s site and this has been the most wonderful thing. Blessings to you and Sadie.

Memorial created 03-31-2008 by
Cherie Pilarowski
April 10 2002 - March 25 2008

In loving memory of our Sadie who we love so much. Sadie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  She was the most beatiful golden retriever ever,so warm hearted and outgoing. As soon as you walked through the door there was sadie jumping all over you and greeting you, she would even follow you into the bathroom just to get love. god i miss her all she did was eat a can of the cats catfood. she ended up with pancriatitis and died two days later right under the kitchen table,but she waited for me and my kids to leave for home and my mom to go to bed that night. i still just cant believe shes gone. i miss yelling at her because she ate the loaf of bread of the counter,or got into the trash. im just so sick over the vet who would not make an after hours call because sadie had gotten worse if maybe he couldve been botherd with just 30 minutes maybe just maybe our sadie would still be here with us today!!!!


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