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Memorial created 04-1-2008 by
James Fisher
April 14 2006 - April 1 2008

In loving memory of our Buzz who we love so much. He was a great hamster always filled with energy and very curious. From the start he was a special hamster, much bigger (and stronger) than I have ever seen. There were many nights that he would find any way he could to get out of his cage, sometimes with much success! I was always inventing ways to keep him in that cage.

One time I came home from work and he was NO where to be found, i thought the poor guy was done in then, but to my surprise after searching the entire house, i saw a little bit of carpet torn up under the closet door in my old living room. I thought for a moment then checked the closet and there he was happy as ANYTHING chilling in the back corner with about 15 treats that he snatched from the bottom shelf under his cage. I knew then he would be trouble!

It is sad to see him go, especially on a day like April fools -- he will be greatly missed and will remember him always. May he walk with Elune and rest in peace.


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