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Memorial created 04-16-2008 by
Dena Gilles
Storm Jakos-Gilles
January 26 1996 - March 4 2008

Oh Storm Storm…You gave me 12 extraordinary years together.   You’ve been there for me through the best times of my life and through the worst times of my life. I miss you so very much, my friend.     

I look for you everywhere.   There isn’t a place that doesn’t remind me of you being there.  The toy basket has all your blue balls in there.  That was never the case because you had them scattered all over the place at your leisure. 

I always think about our first night together.  We were best friends from moment I picked you up.  We stayed up together most of that night.  I would only try to sneak away while you were sleeping, and you’d follow me every time.   I had no idea at the time, that you would spend your life following me and being my constant companion.  Everywhere I went you were by my side.  You traveled with me everywhere.   I remember your first airplane ride, you were still a puppy, you fit perfectly in your pretty bag, and you flirted your way up on your own seat.  The flight attendants couldn’t get enough of you, and you soaked up the attention.

I admired the strength you had to fight all your ailments.   Every time the vets would up your dose of phenol, they’d always state how groggy you might get, but I knew nothing stopped you.  There was an ongoing saying that you were going to outlive me.    I never considered a future that didn’t include you.

We were always at your beck and call.  You commanded all the attention by stomping your right paw, and we’d be right there for you.

You were such a loving friend.  There wasn’t a person, or an animal you didn’t love.  You cleaned the cats so often that you required a dental nearly every 6 months, and the vet always mentioned an unusual  amount of hair removal that came from your mouth.  How could anyone stop you.  You loved so much to spend your evenings cleaning Posie, Newman & Morris.     

You were so vocal and even musically talented.  You sang so much, it drove us crazy sometimes.  I knew we were all in the company of true talent, when you sang to the news theme on channel 40 every time it came on.  I’d give anything to hear you sing again, my friend.

You checked on me often, even up to the last night you were with me, you checked on me to make sure I’d be alright.  I was upset because you wouldn’t rest, you needed your rest and you were always looking up at me.  It wasn’t until I assured you that’d I’d be ok that you finally slept.

We miss you Storm and I can’t wait for the day we’re together again.  I love you.


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