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Patricia Battalia

Memorial created 05-9-2006 by
sharon battalia
May 4 2006

In loving memory of our Rambo who we love so much. Rambo will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

They say theres a place where all loved and missed animals will go when they pass to romp, play, and be happy with other animals until such day they meet again with there loved ones, this place is known as "Rainbow Bridge"


RAMBO 2006


Pat & rambo met as strangers, but thanks to Pat's Great love for animals, Rambo became an everloving companion to Pat for many years. Rambo loved going in the car with his mommy, and just being by her side, his love and devotion to pat will not be forgotten , for rambo's love will last forever.


Rambo, with his mommy & daddy 2 0 0 6


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