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Memorial created 04-23-2008 by
Jill Porciuncula
April 13 1994 - April 23 2008


  In loving memory of our Katie who we love so very much. Katie it has been two years already that you have been gone. I really miss your conversations that you would have with me. You sure did like to talk.                                                                                                                                                     

 Your Beautiful Green Eyes looked so wise and thoughtful. Your look had such deep meaning behind it.



       She was a great hunter and sometimes left us food that she caught.  Her voice was so light and sweet.

    She came into our lives unexpectedly and made herself at home right away.

 Katie was an exceptional Kitty and had a very loud purr.









She usually plopped when she was not getting the attention from us that she wanted.  So it was her way of saying, "I give up", then she would fall on her side.

   Katie always had bright white paws.  She never let them get dirty looking. She had pink pads on the bottom and such beautiful green eyes.

 She was known to chase the biggest of dogs down the driveway and off her property.

     She was a Mommy once then got fixed. She was a great protector of our property. We had a sign in our window that said attack cat lives here.

 We had a nickname for Katie.  She was called ploppy cat, because she would go from a standing position and just plop on her side.  It looked so funny that we started calling her ploppy cat.







Katie, I still remember how soft your fur was and how sweet your voice was. You were a lap cat for sure. Any lap you could find to lay on. I will love you Always.


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