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Memorial created 04-27-2008 by
Carrie Farley
April 18 1999 - April 26 2008

Our Baby Boy

In loving memory of our Porkchop who we love so much. Porkchop will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. 

I know he was just a dog to some people, but to us he was like our child and a major part of the family. He made such an impact on our lives in the 8 years we had him. The house doesn't feel the same without him. I miss his pitter patter of his foot steps when he followed me around the house. His unconditional love, great personality, and even his snoring will be missed. He made friends every where he went, even when he was sick and in Ohio State Vet Hospital. Everyone called him a sweet old man and a model patient . Within hours he had already taken over the triage area with his charming attitiude.

Porkchop's illness came on so fast. Even though we were told he only had months to live, we hoped for a miracle. We couldn't think of our life without Porkchop being in it. In the one month and two days after told the news that we had with him, we tried to make sure Porkchop knew how much he was loved and appreciated every day. There will always be the biggest hole in our hearts.  Nothing and no one will ever replace you.

Porkchop loved life and was always happy. His favorite hobbies included eating, car rides, swinging, his orange frisbee, swimming and of course those naps. I have so many fond memories of our baby boy that I will cherish forever.



Waiting on Santa - Christmas 2006

I lost a special friend today

the kind you cant replace,

and looking at his empty bed

I can still see his face.

I know he's in a special place

our lord has for such friends

where meadows, fields, flowers

help make them strong and whole again.

I know he's watching over me

He'll be with me when I cry.

So with one more kiss on his beloved head,

I told my best friend goodbye.



Lifeguard Porkchop Summer 2005

A heart of gold stopped beating,

Two shinning eyes at rest.

God broke my heart to prove,

He only takes the best.

God knows you had to leave me,

But you did not go alone.

For part of me went with you

The day he took you home.

I love you Porkchop and am devastated with your passing. You will always be Mommy's good  baby boy.


Porkchop loved bath time

A special thanks to his vet (Dr. Chad Brown) and Ohio State Univ. for providing such wonderful care. You guys are such caring people.


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